This music is my gift to you.

It is an attempt to trace my experience, and from that give to you what I can, in the hope that it mirrors something in you and your experience. I hope you come away a little bit more connected to me, and maybe even, in my own small way, to the whole of everything.

Rural Loaf

A photo of a ceramic figure on a wooden surface. The figure is man with his legs spread either side of him, grabbing his penis with both hands.

'Rural Loaf' was an album I made in 2020, after a period of life where my soul was particularly unmoored, seeking out happiness wherever it could be found. I had a great time loafing around in the rural backwaters of Britain and New Zealand, and this album is as close to a faithful document of that time as I could make.

The music has a simple grounding, mostly guitar and vocals, that have then been stretched and sculpted into an orchestra of manipulated electronic sounds that serve as an extension of the emotional content.

Crumbs of Heaven

A photo of a CD in the grass. The cover depicts a contorted drawn figure, with flowers coming out the top of his head.

I made 'Crumbs of Heaven' in 2018. In retrospect it was during a time of regression and healing, and the album was either representative of escaping into a somewhat false fantasy of happiness; or of an actual finding of happiness, wherever it could be gleaned during a time of deep and confusing grief.

The music is simple and unmanipulated, consisting of my voice, my grandad's old guitar, a bass, a flute, and a few different FM keyboards. During recording I liked to think of the instrumental embellishments as 'painting upon the canvas of the song'.