These are some tools I've made over the years. You may find them useful, you may not. It's really not for me to decide.

Running Tools

Running Pace Converter, which converts pace between min/mile and km/mile.

👟 Marathon Pace Calculator, which calculates the running paces necessary to achieve a target marathon time while using the 10/10/10 rule.

🏃 Jog-Log, a tool that allows you to record the poetic impressions of running, turning motion into poetry.

Musical Tools

🍤 Prawn Tempo-ra, a tempo tapper and delay time calculator.

🐓 Chicken Key-ev, a key transposer and chord finder.

Other Tools

📚 Dewey Decimal Explorer, an interactive reference to explore of the Dewey Decimal Classification system.


🕹ī¸ Tumbleword is a browser-based game I made that combines elements of Tetris and Wordle. You place falling letters to find a 5-letter word pre-selected by the computer. The speed increases as you successfully find words and clear previous letters. There is a leaderboard impemented that logs the 10 highest scores across all users.

[The front-end is made with vanilla JS, and the leaderboard is an API served by Node.js and express.js.]